Chicago Blackhawks recovered Montreal Canadians 3-2

Chicago Blackhawks recovered Montreal Canadians 3-2 on Sunday at the top team of the East and the team of the West team’s top team.

It is probably regarded as “as hot as Canadians” and now it has the right to boast of young startups.

In order to see these two teams play again, we have to wait until March 14. If they came over each meeting again, this could be a bigger treatment than early appetizers.

Yes, yeah, Black Hawks should win this game.

This is also much more important for Black Hawks and not for deep psychological reasons.

On Tuesday Black Hawks starts a seven-game road trip (leaving eight out of nine people out of the United Center), while Canadians keeps robust home ice advantage in Montreal, the next five I hope that.

Of course, it is not too far from Black Hawks.

Of course it is early. And that deck was stacked to some extent on Habs.

If you’re going to break the Canadians (now 13-2-1) this season, you will do it along the way Habs and Al Montoya on the net. Chicago last Friday, Montreal held Detroit 5-0 on Saturday.

They are now in 11 point games point streaks (9-0-2), so it is awesome these days. After starting with two regulation losses, they generated points in all respects except for one of the last 14 contests (11-1-2).

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